Simplifying the recruitment and job application process
Save Time  by receiving, filtering and hiring applicants, all in one place.
Save Money  by being more effective and efficient in the recruitment process.
Smart Hiring  create job ads, be precise and hire the best candidates.
Don’t worry, even if you receive 500 or more job applications, our software can quickly filter and score applicants based off their resume/CV content, questionnaire answers and more, so you can find the right applicant faster.
Job Portal
With one-click you can distribute your job openings to the most famous and effective local job boards (job portals). Furthermore, you can create and post jobs online in just a few clicks. We can even customize a branded page for your website that applicants can apply directly online.
Staying in touch with the applicants who apply for your job positions is highly important. Applicants are automatically notified when their job application is received and also throughout the whole recruitment process. Candidates that are not selected or didn’t meet the requirements, will be automatically informed with one click.
We help you stay organized. All the applicants that have ever applied for any of your job openings will be stored. This way you cut costs and save time by having ready-to-hire candidates from your personal database.
All reports in one place. We will help you understand your businesses better by providing detail reports like average number of applicants per job positions, educational level of your job applicants and even more.
Are you interested in our software? Experience for yourself why the most famous companies use our software. Remember, Aplikimi not only saves your time but also reduces your hiring costs. Fill out the form and one of our specialists will contact you shortly. Our demo includes: Visit to your company for a 30-60 minute demonstration of our system(s) and all of it’s features and Analysis of your company recruiting/hiring process;
Request a meeting with US!
Meeting with your company and presenting our software solution is an absolute pleasure for us. Provide the information required below and you will be contacted right away by our specialists.
The Aplikimi software is a product of ‘Human Resource Development Corp’ founded and located in Prishtina. Our key goal is to empower human resources by introducing technology as a primary resource for aiding the recruitment process within a company.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) helps businesses better streamline their hiring process through technology. A manual process can be very time consuming, causing details in the hiring and recruiting process to be overlooked.

When you employ an applicant tracking system like Aplikimi, our functions are built into the software and will enable you to create jobs online, pre-screen applicants, recruit via social media, post to major job boards and much more. Designed for all sorts of businesses (large, medium and small companies), our easy-to-use system doesn’t require any software installation and can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device.
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